The Top 23 Best Tomato Jokes

The following is a comprehensive list of the best tomato jokes and puns that I could find.

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  1. Why did Ketchup fail his final year in condiment school?
    • Because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
  2. If I were a farmer, how would I measure my height?
    • From my head tomatoes!
  3. What do tomatoes and potatoes have in common?
    • Toes!
  4. Why are tomatoes round and red?
    • Because if they were long and yellow they’d be bananas!
  5. What’s red and square?
    • An uncool tomato!
  6. What’s the worst thing about salsa dancing?
    • Getting the tomato stains out after wards!
  7. I like to put basil in my tomato soup.
    • It’s simply soup-herb!
  8. How do you stop a rotten tomato from smelling?
    • You pinch its nose!
  9. What do you call a potato who pretends to be a tomato?
    • An imitater!
  10. What looks like half a tomato?
    • The other half!
  11. I used to wash in tomato ketchup…
    • In Heinz-sight, it wasn’t a very good idea!
  12. What type of tomato smells the best?
    • A Roma!
  13. What’s red and invisible?
    • No tomatoes!
  14. What’s red and goes up down up down?
    • A tomato in an elevator!
  15. What happened when the tomato fell behind on his homework?
    • He had to ketchup!
  16. Why did the tomato go out with a prune?
    • Because he couldn’t find a date!
  17. Vegetable puns make me feel good.
    • From my head tomatoes!
  18. What did the mother tomato say to the baby tomato?
    • Ketchup!
  19. How do you fix a broken pizza?
    • With tomato paste!
  20. What did the pasta say to the tomato?
    • Don’t get saucy with me!
  21. Did you hear about the salad race?
    • The lettuce was ahead and the tomato tried to ketchup!
  22. Why did the tomato blush?
    • Because it saw the salad dressing!
  23. What do boats eat with a spoon?
    • Tomato sloop!

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